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Why Students Choose CFP to Learn Mandarin in Australia

Highly Recommend

Shelley Tian is an outstanding teacher of the Chinese language and a woman gifted with many capabilities and qualities. Her ability to tailor learning appropriate to the learner's immediate and future needs and interests is particularly impressive. I would highly recommend Ms Tian's services to those at any level of need in learning or enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the Chinese Language.

Dr Phil Lambert PSM

Director, Phil Lambert Consulting

Outstanding Teacher

Chinese is a difficult language. Shelley is able to explain the complexities with ease, in English.
In my experience, there are no short cuts to learn Chinese. You have to spend a lot of time in class over a long period. It's therefore very important for students that they enjoy being in class.
Shelley's classes are very enjoyable - in fact, they're fun.

Stanley Drummond

Partner, Thomson Geer Lawyers

Passion for Teaching

Shelley is an extremely supportive Chinese teacher who has a strong desire for all her students to succeed. Her knowledge of Mandarin and industry specific jargon is excellent. Both her group classes and individual sessions are informative and engaging.
For anyone wishing to learn Mandarin or achieve their language goals, I highly recommend this fantastic teacher to you without hesitation; Shelley is an outstanding teacher.

Anya Beniac

Efficient & Effective

Shelley Tian is a first class Chinese language teacher. She is equally adept at coaching the pre-eminent, internationally accredited language examinations for Mandarin Chinese, as well as designing tailored coaching lessons for customised personal and professional requirements. My Mandarin speaking skills were rudimentary when I met Shelley, and within a mere month, she was already encouraging me to significantly expand my vocabulary and phraseology for business purposes. Shelley’s teaching methodology is both efficient and effective. She inspires me to practise daily. For over a decade, I have had mixed success to learn Mandarin Chinese from attending university language programmes, to targeted linguistic schools. I have not made as much progress as I have with Shelley in less than one year already. She is outstanding.

Jacqueline Chow

Non Executive Director at Coles Group, nib Holdings, Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce

Enthusiastic & Professional

Shelley Tian is a wonderful teacher who is simply passionate about teaching Chinese. She has the rare ability to be able to challenge you on the details of the Chinese language whilst allowing you to casually explore simple and concise ways of saying things. She tailors her lessons around your professional workplace and constantly guides you on how to conduct a decent and simple conversation in Chinese in your professional field. I have worked with Shelley for a number of years now and have made great progress working with her. For Shelley, teaching Chinese is a passion and her enthusiasm and professionalism is infectious. I would absolutely recommend her to any existing or future student of the difficult language.

Markus Haefeli

General Manager China, Tennant Company

Accelerated Learning

I have been studying Chinese on-off for a few years now, mostly self-taught, however since I have joined up with Shelley, my learning has gone to a new level. Shelley was immediately able to pull together all of my prior learning into order & provide me with a clear path for accelerated learning & achieving my goals. It has almost been a year since we commenced on this path & I haven't looked back. Shelley makes the lessons fun & enjoyable, whilst still being able to provide a disciplined & encouraging environment - this is incredibly rare. Our weekly lessons are something I always look forward to & then can't wait for the next! I would highly recommend Shelley's services for anyone wanting to learn Chinese, regardless of any level to commence from.

Damien Albert

Client Relationship Manager, PMA Global

The Best Experience By Far

I have been studying Chinese since February 2016. I started at the Confucius Institute in Sydney, which, for beginners, is ok. Then, when I had to start beginner-medium level lessons in February 2018, I decided to go to Chinese For Professionals. And this turned out to be the wisest decision.

As of today, and having previously had lessons with four other Chinese Language teachers, I must say that the best experience by far is with Chinese For Professionals. Why? Simple. Here you can learn and acquire all sorts of levels and knowledge of Chinese Language, e.g. vocabulary (reading and speaking), and grammar, which is essential for a sound knowledge in any language as it helps a lot to think like a local and prevents you to simply translate word by word from English into Chinese (or the other way around).

The teacher, Shelley, is very encouraging and always knows how to improve the student's performance, not only in practicing but also in studying and preparing your lessons in such a way that you feel real improvement within a few weeks.

Moreover, the experience is personal, practical and flexible, so you can really learn at your most convenient pace. In this regard, even after moving to Glasgow (Scotland) in April 2019, I decided to continue my lessons (via Skype) because, according to my experience, when you find a good language teacher (and Shelley is one of the best teachers I have ever met, not only as a student, but also as a teacher at high-school and university), it is paramount to continue as long as possible in order to continuously improve your language skills.

I fully recommend Chinese For Professionals.

German Olivares

Integrative, Tailored and Personal

I have studied advanced Chinese with Shelley in both a private and group context for three years now. In the nine years that I have taken Chinese lessons, Shelley is, without a doubt, the best Chinese teacher I have had the fortune of being taught by.

Shelley's teaching style is integrative, tailored and personal. She creates a safe-to-fail space where everyone, including herself, is comfortable with participating and voicing different opinions. The learning and improvement that derives from this ability to leverage each other's strengths through mutual and respectful constructive criticism is significant.

While there is (thankfully) no cookie-cutter structure to each class, Shelley always manages to plate up the optimal amalgam of reading, speaking, listening and writing/typing Chinese. Since attending Shelley's classes, I have developed from being able to speak and read Chinese at a basic level to now, comfortably understanding Chinese news articles.

Flora Wang

Dedicated Teacher

I have been learning Chinese over three years with Shelley. She is the best Chinese teacher I have ever met. Shelley is specifically trained as a Chinese language teacher and has been teaching Chinese many years. She is an enthusiastic and a dedicated teacher who cares about students’ progress. She understands each student’s learning requirement. My Chinese has been greatly advanced through her teaching and instruction. She has made my Chinese level from elementary to advanced level within a short period of time. I have passed HSK level 5 proficiency exam in just 2 years since I started to learn Chinese. I highly recommend Shelley to anyone wish to learn Chinese. No matter what level you are at, learn Chinese from Shelley, you won’t regret!

Yuji Saito

Invested in Students

Shelley is a truly outstanding Chinese teacher.  I've been fortunate to learn business-level Mandarin in a number of different environments, from Ivy League professors through to language courses at C9 universities in China - yet even amongst this cohort, Shelley stands out as an exceptional teacher.  She's dedicated to her craft and a genuinely empathetic teacher who is very much invested in her students.  In the context of my work in private equity, I often needed to brush up quickly on industry-specific vocabulary and Shelley would go above and beyond to create tailored, customised vocabulary packs on short notice to ensure I was always prepared.  With Shelley, I wasn't rote-learning lists of vocabulary - I was learning the context and nuance of how to engage with the language.  I'd highly recommend Shelley to anybody looking to improve their professional Mandarin.

Yin Shum

Chief Operating Officer

Friendly and Encouraging

I have been Shelley’s student for over a year now and she is one of the best Chinese teachers I have ever had. She is genuinely passionate about teaching and her classes are never boring. You can tell that she is very dedicated towards each and every one of her students because she regularly alternates between different teaching styles to suit individual learning approaches. Depending on your mandarin level, you may have a different type of class structure. My classes generally consisted of reading and translating news articles, coupled with group discussions based on a certain topic. Translation is not the main focus of the class, however, it is a useful method to ensure that the meanings of individual words or phrases are clear. From the news articles and group discussions, we pick up new vocabulary which is recorded and reviewed at the end of each teaching term. Shelley ensures that everyone can actively participate in class discussions in a friendly and encouraging environment. Since students in each class come from various professional backgrounds, it enhances the quality of class discussions. I strongly encourage people to take this class if you are looking to enhance your Chinese, in both written and writing, to a level that can be used in professional settings.

Annie Wan

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