Intermediate Chinese (HSK4上/下)

Course Description

This Chinese course aims to further develop learners’ skills of effective communication and comprehension. Learners will continue to build their language knowledge with more complex grammatical structures and phrases. In class activities include making sentences based on grammar points, and making dialogues.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:


  1. Express your ideas more deeply and clearly in a wide range of topics.
  2. Acquire the confidence and ability to have conversations with native speakers.


  1. Catch the main meaning of normal speed Chinese dialogue on complex topics.


  1. Recognize 1,200 Chinese characters.


  1. Write short articles and stories in an appropriate style.
* If you take the HSK test, you should get at least HSK4.


Choose your course from the class timetable below.

Intermediate Chinese
(HSK4 上)

Tuesday 6-8pm

$420 incl GST

High Intermediate Chinese
(HSK4 下)

Wednesday 6-8pm

$420 incl GST

Enrolment is still open. New students are welcome to join the class even after the semester has started.
Taking a placement test is required.


Textbook and Materials

Self-Compiled Teaching Material
HSK4 Standard Course book

HSK4 - Chinese language coursebook cover for Intermediate Chinese