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With Chinese For Professionals, all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are integrated into your learning with engaging class activites and real-life examples that you can use straight away in your daily life.

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Student Reviews

How Chinese For Professionals can help you learn Mandarin at any language level:

Recommended for any level

Shelley Tian is an outstanding teacher of the Chinese language and a woman gifted with many capabilities and qualities. Her ability to tailor learning appropriate to the learner's immediate and future needs and interests is particularly impressive. I would highly recommend Ms Tian's services to those at any level of need in learning or enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the Chinese Language.

- Dr Phil Lambert PSM

Hit your learning goals

You won't find a more patient, personable and experienced teacher in Australia. Suitable for all skill levels, Shelley's classes provide the perfect balance between flexibility and structure for you to hit your learning goals. Don't hesitate to give her classes a go!

- Victor Li

Accelerated Learning

I have been studying Chinese on-off for a few years now, mostly self-taught, however since I have joined up with Shelley, my learning has gone to a new level. Shelley was immediately able to pull together all of my prior learning into order & provide me with a clear path for accelerated learning & achieving my goals. It has almost been a year since we commenced on this path & I haven't looked back. Shelley makes the lessons fun & enjoyable, whilst still being able to provide a disciplined & encouraging environment - this is incredibly rare. Our weekly lessons are something I always look forward to & then can't wait for the next! I would highly recommend Shelley's services for anyone wanting to learn Chinese, regardless of any level to commence from.

- Damien Albert