Elementary Chinese (HSK1)

Course Description

CFP Most popular Entry Beginner course designed for complete beginners. Learners will learn the Chinese phonetic system (PinYin), basic vocabulary and practical daily expressions.
The emphasis is on correct pronunciations, accurate tones and mastery of basic grammatical structures and patterns.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:


  1. Pronounce all the sounds in Mandarin Chinese accurately and comfortably with good command of the four tones.
  2. Conduct basic conversation on topics that are covered in the class.


  1. 1. Introducing oneself and others
  2. 2. Greeting & Hospitality
  3. 3. Countries and nationalities
  4. 4. Occupations
  5. 5. Hobbies
  1. 6. Family members
  2. 7. Sharing personal information
  3. 8. Numbers/ Days/ Dates/ Period of time
  4. 9. Describe means of transportation
  5. 10. Describe locations and directions


  1. Understand simple sentences when speaking slightly slower than natural speed.


  1. Be aware of the structures of Chinese characters and strokes.
  2. Understand the basic sentence structures rules.


Choose your preferred class time from the timetable below.

Elementary Chinese
Key Features
  • Designed for absolute beginners or little Mandarin learning experience
  • Be confident in daily conversation
  • Be able to construct basic sentences
  • Small class size between 2-3 people, fully immerse
  • Time is flexible
  • 100% Result- guaranteed

Weekday / Weekend
We will contact you with a suggested class time.

$440 incl GST
(10 weeks, 1 hour per session)

Enrolment is still open. New students are welcome to join the class even after the semester has started.
Taking a placement test is required.


Textbook and Materials

Self-Compiled Teaching Material
HSK1 Standard Course book

HSK1 - Elementary Chinese language coursebook cover

Student Reviews

Increased Competency for Travel and Communication

I've been taking private mandarin lessons with Shelley for over a year now and I couldn't recommend her enough.

She was able to come up with a learning plan that suited me and I have progressed far further than I would have expected. In this time I have able to cover the HSK1 and much of HSK 2 material as well as be competent enough to travel to China, speak to people and have them understand me.

Thank you Shelley for all of the great teaching, looking forward to progressing more with you in the future.

- Ryan Gavan

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