Advanced Chinese (HSK6) & Fluency (HSK7-9)

Course Description

This is a specific professional course designed for advanced learners.
This course is focus on expanding more specialised vocabulary, complex sentences structures and language patters.
Learners also strengthen their conversation skills through class discussion, debates and presentations.
The course will also utilise other textual and audio/ visual materials to further develop learners listening and comprehension skills.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:


  1. Communicate with a degree of spontaneity and confidence on a wide range of social and abstract topics.


  1. Catch the main meanings of authentic Chinese news announcements. (TV, radios)
  2. Understand the speech of native speakers in a wide range of topics.


  1. Read authentic Chinese writings beyond your textbooks.
  2. Have a good understanding of the distinction between Standard Spoken Chinese and Written Chinese.
  3. Master the skills of fast reading.


  1. Write longer paragraphs and comments on various topics by applying the newly learned patterns and idiomatic phrases.


  1. 1. 互联网
  2. 2. 环境保护
  3. 3. 生活质量
  4. 4. 饮食
  5. 5. 忙碌
  6. 6. 手机
  7. 7. 未来商店
  8. 8. 未来的工作
  1. 9. 大数据时代
  2. 10. 阅读
  3. 11. 运动
  4. 12. 睡眠
  5. 13. 老龄化社会
  6. 14. 消费模式
  7. 15. 未来医疗
  8. 16. 经济 (全球化; 共享经济;贸易摩擦;对外开放)


Advanced/ Business Chinese

Weekday / Weekend
We will contact you with a suggested class time.

$440 incl GST
(10 weeks, 1 hour per session)

* If you take the HSK test, you should get at least HSK6.

Enrolment is still open. New students are welcome to join the class even after the semester has started.
Taking a placement test is required.


Textbook and Materials

Self-Compiled Teaching Material
HSK6 Standard Course

HSK6 - Chinese language coursebook cover for Advanced Chinese

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