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Why are our Online Chinese Lessons so popular?

Achieve a Better Learning Result

  1. “It’s helpful me better understand the material too, because I can watch the lesson over and over again. I can pause, rewind and watch the video which has been extremely helpful for notetaking and understanding through concepts.”

Not worried about missing a lesson anymore

  1. “Even though I miss the live streamed lesson, I can still catch up by watching the recorded video. I don’t feel behind at all.”

Engaged Learning Environment

  1. “Students can collaborate on a whiteboard and conduct all sorts of activities via online lessons. We really enjoy the brainstorming when the teacher sends us to the breakout room. We had so much fun! We can instantly ask questions through multiple channels, share scenes and share live code, which enhance the learning experience.”

Supportive and Encouraged

  1. “My teacher has been really amazing at ensuring that you are always supported and you don’t feel like you are studying alone. I have found doing online lessons has been very interactive and I am more confident asking questions in the chat function, which I find has really deepened my understanding of content.”

Well- Structured Class

  1. “Our teacher always posts the homework and learning material after the live streamed lesson in google classroom. We have one week to prepare for our group assignments and practice with classmates. When we encounter any questions, we can either go back to check lesson notes on google Doc or leave a comment to our teacher. We feel the whole learning process is well- structured and very effective.”

Student Review

How Chinese For Professionals can help you learn Mandarin online:

Smooth & Effective Online Lessons

I have found the transition to online lessons very smooth and well managed. The ability to use small breakout rooms for preparing small group teamwork, before coming back to the main room to present is a great benefit to the learning experience.

- Carl Mannix

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