Business Chinese Teaching Philosophy

How I teach my Chinese business class

Here I explain the teaching philosophy behind how I teach my Chinese business class. Specifically, this post is for students ready to expand their Chinese from the classroom to their professional field.

My approach

Teaching business Chinese is something I have fine-tuned over the past 12 years. Below, I explain my process of teaching and also how the learning experience is different at Chinese for Professionals.

  • Each business Chinese class is tailored to suit the students' needs.
  • Before I begin teaching, I consult with my students to:
  1. Listen to their goals and what they want to achieve
  2. Gauge their current level of Chinese proficiency
  3. Understand the particular profession they work in
  4. Identify typical language and jargon used
  • Once the learning goals are clear, I do the following to prepare for my Business Chinese classes:
  1. Perform due diligence on the particular profession
  2. Identify common vocabularies and semantics
  3. Find appropriate teaching materials to match the students' current Chinese level. This involves a lot of time behind the scenes reading a wide range of texts
  • Different activities are used in class to encourage Chinese business terminology and vocabulary usage. These activities include but are not limited to brainstorming, presentations, and case studies.
  • Each lesson stems from a deep understanding of business workings and knowledge in real practical situations.
  • Lessons are structured to also instruct on when and how to use business terminology in various situations and contexts.

About me

Last but not least, I have been teaching business Chinese to students since 2008 in Australia. I have taught students ranging from recent graduates to experienced executives. I've taught across different professions such as finance, accounting, legal, marketing, construction, medical, hospitality etc.

This accrual of knowledge and experience has a compounding effect when it comes to teaching. Knowing how to personalise a business class is critical to the success of a student's learning.